New Construction (Multi-Family) Program

The New Construction/Multifamily Program is similar to the Housing Choice Voucher Program except that families select and rent units that are owned by NMHC and are located in scattered housing subdivisions. NMHC currently manages a total of 132 housing units which are located on the islands of Saipan (Mihaville Estates and Koblerville Estates), Tinian (Broadway), and Rota (Blue Bay Homes).

These programs assist families in paying the Fair Market Rent of 30% of their adjusted income or 10% of their gross income, whichever is greater. Low income families will be required to pay a minimum rent of $25.00 per month unless the family requests and qualifies for a waiver exemption for the minimum rent requirement. Families without income will be fully subsidized and the program pays the entire contract rent.

Applications are available on the "Forms" menu and under the Program and Housing Division Forms section.